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Prime Baseball Team Player and Parent Information:


As a part of the Prime All American Baseball program, you will get two practices each week at either our indoor facility or local field each week. Players will also participate in the USSSA fall/spring leagues with tournaments played during the summer season. Our professional coaching staff will also mentor each player as part of their development.


Each team will have three practices each week: 2 mandatory practices and one extra rep practice. Being apart of the Prime family is a big commitment for both the player and the family. Players need to be at practices. The success of the team depends on the dedication of each player. 

Tournament and League Games:

Tournaments and League Fees will be passed through to the players. An additional $10 per player fee will be added to tournament costs and $60 per player for League fees *3+ day tournament fees may differ*. This is to cover our coaching staff for the games. Prime will post a tournament schedule, including date, time, and location. Please be aware that these are subject to change. Check your schedule on our Prime team app for updated information.


Prime uses the app Team Snap to post scheduling, updates, and send out important messages. Each parent will need to download Team Snap. This service is completely free. We also encourage players who have cell phones to download the app as well.

Academic Policy: All Prime team members are expected to maintain good academic standing during the school season. Grades will be checked by the Head Coach. Players who present sub-par or failing grades maybe subject to suspension from tournaments, league games, and practices. 


Prime players will be required to purchase a team hat, two dry fit jerseys, and a navy blue batting helmet. We will provide the helmet decals. 


Team Payment:

Prime team dues are $290 per month. This covers weekly practices and unlimited access to the Hitting Zone. 

Payment Process

We have three payment options available:


Pay at the Hitting Zone using your credit or debit card or pay at practice with your card, if the practice falls on the 1st of the month. A 3% processing fee will added to all card charges.


Pay by cash or Venmo. 

Payments are due on the 1st of each month, however there will be grace period extended to the 3rd of the month.

If we have not received full payment on the 3rd of the month a $20 late payment fee will be charged to your account. If payment has still not been received by the 6th there will be a $50 late penalty fee. Additionally, playing privileges for practices, games, and tournaments will be withheld until the account balance is fully paid off.

If you have multiple players there will be a 20% discount applied for the other siblings team dues only. This does not include tournament fees, league fees, and uniforms.


If for any reason a player decides to leave our program, a fee one month's due will be applied unless a written notice is given to Blake Brewer two weeks before the next pay period. We have this policy in place because your players roster spot will need to be filled and our coaching staff needs sufficient time to find a new replacement on the team.

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