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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Prime All American?

Prime is a premiere baseball program designed to prepare athletes to play at an elite level. Our players are students who are seeking to play varsity, college, and professional ball. 

What ages do you train?

We train athletes from ages 7 to 17. 

How are team rosters determined?

As a general rule, players are first put on a team for their age. From there, each player is eligible for evaluation. If a player shows aptitude and exceptional talent, they may be asked to play up in a higher division. It is our goal to put the best possible teams on the field and also place each player in an environment where they can thrive. All decisions regarding rosters/team placements are at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Who are your coaches?

At Prime we have a professional coaching staff comprised of former pro, semi-pro, collegiate players as well as former collegiate and varsity coaches. We also have a certified athletic trainer on staff for performance conditioning. 

How often do you practice?

Each team has two mandatory practices a week and an extra session at one of our indoor training facilities  *Pitchers and catchers are required to attend the extra session. 


How often do you have games?

Prime plays year-round in both local league games and in monthly tournaments. League games are played weekly in the fall and spring, with teams participating in one or two tournaments each month during the summer. Select teams will have the opportunity to play in select out-of-state tournaments. We also offer the opportunity to 12u players to join us in Cooperstown for the summer (open to non-Prime players).

Do you offer training other than your travel teams?

Yes we do! We have our Prime Academy program for players looking to supplement their current training or style in-shape during their off season. Prime Academy members participate in two practice sessions each week with our coaching staff. Unlimited Hitting in our batting cages is also included in the Academy membership!

How Travel Ball is Different from Recreational Ball:


Travel Ball has paid professional coaches. Most of the coaches involved in Recreational ball are volunteers, dads and/or moms who have little to no experience either playing at a high level or understanding proper coaching. Baseball is extremely technical and poor coaching can greatly hinder a player (this includes an increased risk for overuse injuries). We make sure that all our coaches are qualified and have strong understanding of coaching long term player development. 


Travel Ball teams are formed, and for the most part, try to stay together as they grow older and move onto different divisions, as opposed to Recreational ball where new teams are drafted every year. 


You must tryout and be selected for a Travel Ball Team. Recreational Ball accepts everyone plays, no matter the skill level. In addition to this, play time is based on the “Earn it System” or merit for Travel Ball. If a player wants to play there is a level of standard to uphold.  Recreational Ball Leagues have rules that require every player on the roster to play a certain amount of innings per game, as well as, a certain amount of infield innings. 


Travel Ball is generally a higher level of competition.  Players are more developed, due to professional coaching staffs. 


Travel Ball typically travel for tournaments, depending on your team. Recreational Ball typically stays within its leagues area. 


Travel Ball is a higher level of commitment.  There is a standard level that must be upheld for a player to play (based on an Earn It System).  Our coaches expect the best. Therefore, players are required/expected to commit to team practices weekly, as well as, practicing on their own.  

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